By: Mende Nazer

What was the authors purpose?

The authors purpose for writing this Story was to talk about the hard life she was forced to live and the unfair racism that is still happening today. Mende showed the hatred she was shown by some people even though she had the same god and the same religion.

What was her culture like?

Her culture is much different than ours. She lived out in the woods in mud huts and slept sometimes with a fire burning in the middle. When they needed water they would bring a bowl to a watering hole and scoop it out and that would be the water they would use for at least a week. They didn't bathe often and they used their hands to eat any food. the also practice very painful practices only preformed on the women.

How was this book written?

This book was written using a lot of details and imagery. You could imagine the people she dealt with and the places she went. The diction was not hard to understand and you could easily understand what she was writing about.

what was the effect of the way the book was written?

With the use of imagery and strong diction it made it easy to feel the emotions the author was feeling. During any part the author attended to be sad the use of imagery would allow you to put yourself into her position and feel the roller coaster of emotions she felt. She also put some words of her on language in there so you could understand more of what was happening.

What is Mende doing now?

In 2006 she went back to the mountains and talked to the children who had the same type of abuse happen to her as well as see her family.
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