How Sustainable Am I?

Measuring my water use and ecological footprint

Lesson Objectives:

By the end of the lesson I will:

1) Know how much water I consume daily

2) The size of my ecological footprint

3) How Canada compares to other nations

Life Without Water Is Awkward

Life Without Water is Awkward : Change the Course (Part 1)

Minds on!

Take the water quiz to find out your H2O IQ. After taking the quiz write down two water facts that surprized you.

Hidden Water Use

What foods require the most water to produce?

Will this information change what you eat?

Water Calculator: How much water do I use?

Complete the CBC water calculator and answer the questions:

1. How much water do you use daily?

2. What is the largest personal water use?

3. Change your responses to see if you can lower your water use. What changes can you make in your daily use to lower the liters used per day?

Individual Action: Conserving water at home, work and school

Read the section titled: "Individual Action"

Review the link below to record the % of how water is used in the home and record 4 ways you can personally reduce your water use.

Ecological Footprint Calculator

The ecological footprint is a measure of the demand a person places on nature through the use of resources (food, oil, water) and the production of waste. This provides a great way to compare nations and individuals.

Using the link below, design your character and complete the quiz. Record the answers to the following questions:

1. How many Earth's does your lifestyle use?

2. Edit your Footprint to see how you can lower your score. What ways can you lower the score?

Select three ways you can reduce your ecological footprint starting today.


Record your original Ecological Footprint and Water Usage score on the board. Beside the original score record your lowest score after changing your answers. Be willing to share how you were able to reduce your footprint and water use.