Copyright & Licenses

By: Maxwell Edwards

Definition Of Copyright

Copyright is an exclusive legal rigt protecting your or other documents, songs, books, Etc.
It is very helpful if you don't like your work to be used by others without permission.

Public Domain

Public Domain is where the copyright has expired on older books like Shakespeare, or older movies like Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock. It can also be when someone has created something using public money.


Freeware is usually free apps or free sites to use, they are created for the people to use for free but usually contains in app purchases. An example is windows media player or itunes.


Shareware is copyrighted work that you can copy or share for free for a limited time. Ex. Netflix, Lite apps, Trials on apps.

All Rights Reserved

Usually apps and computer software that you must pay for before using it. Video console games bought at best buy like Grand Theft Auto 5, Minecraft, Etc.

Open Source

Software that allows users to add on to their work with different add ons. Ex. Google chrome add on’s