The So-Called Novices Vs The Oracles of SUPERNOVA | Battle

Quiz Bowl

SUPERNOVA?! How good do you feel?? :D

Hereby introducing to you a competition among the Newbies (So-Called Novices) and the Senior Members (Oracles of SUPERNOVA) in the house.

Newbies, I don't know why but I just tend to love you more and don't consider you a novice in anyway. But, but.... I need you to prove it to me and all the other members in the house.

Can you do that?!

Senior Members, Come prepared, you're up for one hell of a day, I feel :P

All the Best! :D

Come prepared!

Each of you will be asking each other questions for points. Questions related to AIESEC, AIESEC in Chennai, facts about it.

There may be a twist. Wait for it ;)

Agenda for the Meet

  • Quiz Bowl
  • RYLC | Sharing
  • Sales Training
  • Profiling and Personification
  • Q4 | Leadership Body | Way forward

Timing : 3:30PM to 7:00PM

AIESEC in Chennai Office