National Sales Meeting Call TONIGHT

I hope you all can make it!

National Sales Meeting

Tuesday, April 5th, 9pm

This is an online event.

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32 Skus may not sound like a lot but wait until you see what we are offering! If you wanted personalization, meaning behind your jewelry, silver, looks of fine jewelry, dainty designs and a little summer color to jazz up your display, you are going to be thrilled! Ladies, you NEED to book your pop ups. This is the perfect excuse with this new collection launching tonight. Don't let April be a month that you don't pop up. You still have plenty of time!
Click the text above to see the flyer below in the Merch Perch. Please stop waiting for someone to come to you and ask to host a pop up. It's not going to happen. YOU need to take the initiative and start asking. know what to say when they say no and don't take it personally. It just may mean no right now. Also, ask for referrals. That person may know someone that might LOVE the idea of free jewelry. Book a pop up today! We need at least 20 booked TODAY, 20 booked tomorrow, 20 booked Thursday and 20 booked Friday. There are 189 of you showing up as active. This should be easy peasy if you are all working to book a pop up. (Just to clarify, our team is made up of 241. The remaining 52 team member are all in inactive status.)
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