Four Corner Ball Hockey

Learn how to play four corner ball hockey for intermediates


  • Four hockey nets (same size)
  • Two tennis balls
  • Hockey sticks for each person
  • One goalie stick per team
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Set up

First take one hockey net per team and set it up in each corner of the gym

Next each player takes one hockey stick and each goalie takes one goalie stick

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  • Always keep your head up when running
  • Watch where you are going when running
  • Don't hit people with your body or your stick on purpose
  • Don't take slap shots with people around you
  • Make sure when you go for the ball you don't slash them
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Rule 1: There is no contact/hitting or you will get a penalty that will be as severe as the hit

Rule 2: If there is a goal scored than the team who got scored on gets to start with the ball

Rule 3: There is no passing or teaming with other teams in the game and no targeting a certain team but you can pass with your team

Rule 4: No over celebrating when you score

Rule 5: The teacher must divide the teams evenly between the class

Rule 6: Each team must have one permanent goalie

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How To Play

Step 1: First each team will play the team across from them in a 3 minute game
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Step 2: Next the number of goals that each team scores will represent the number of lives that they have in the next game.
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Step 3: Now each team will send all of their players out at once and they will play a 4-way game for 5 minutes and whoever has the most lives at the end wins
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Game Variations

The first variation is where you go straight to the 5 minute game with no timer and each team only has 3 lives. The second variation is where you go straight to the 5 minute game and each team has only 1 life. The last variation is where you go straight to the 5 minute game and whichever team scores the most goals in 5 minutes wins


I hope that you will have fun playing four corner ball hockey and follow me on instagram @sick-low-org-games for tons more low-org games for your phys-ed classes or for your free time