Reeves Review

What is going on in Mrs. Reeves class?

October 14, 2016

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A Note from Mrs. Reeves

We have had a very busy week, but it was nice to have a whole week with the children. I think we got a lot accomplished. Our CARES kid for the week was Katie and her name was drawn on the Morning News to get a free slushy at lunch! We also found out that Mary was elected as Vice President of our Student Council. We are so proud of all of the candidates from our class.

Next week parents will be getting an email or sign up from our Homeroom moms about our Pumpkin Math Day. Please be on the look out for that and please sign up if you can help or donate items for us on that day.

We will be having a class election for our Student Council Representative. Students who are interested need to write a short speech about why they would make a great representative for our class. Please keep in mind that the HWES Student Council meets the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month.

Please make sure that you are reading the school newsletter every other week. They are emailed to you and they are also on our website and in the Peach Jar section. There are always important dates in that newsletter. I know that we did not have a Homework Cover Sheet this week, but we will have one next week. With the Hurricane/Fall Break the week before I just thought it would be OK for us to just pick up where we left off with the last Homework Sheet. lol

So far I think Google Classroom is working out great. I hope to use it a little more as the year progresses. I think that most children are really enjoying using it as well. I will be posting a survey on our Google Classroom this weekend for the children to vote on a Friday prize. It may be Sunday before I post it, but I hope to get it up there ASAP.

Please know that you can contact me with any concerns or questions. I sometimes get so very busy I home I may not respond immediately, but I try to respond quickly. I wish all of you a great weekend, enjoy time with your family and friends.

Language Arts


In reading we are currently reading Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. It is an amazing novel with so many lessons. While reading Maniac Magee we have been learning about all of the elements of plot and at the same time about author's craft. I love have Jerry Spinelli writes. The children have also been doing a great job with their Time for Kids literature conversations. Please make sure that your child is reading the Time for Kids at home each week and also make sure that they bring it back on Thursdays so that they have it for the quiz. They are only allowed to borrow one the first time they forget the Time for Kids. After that, they will have to take the test without use the Time for Kids.

Independent Reading: Many children are still working on having reading stamina, meaning that they do not read for a continued amount of time. I have seen some "fake" reading. I cannot stress enough how important it is for the children to be able to read independently for enjoyment. You will want to work on this now because as they get older it will only get more difficult. I am thinking about putting something in place to help with this some, but I am not 100% sure about it. This week you should have seen a Book IT, Pizza Hut calendar in your child's travel folder. Children are to color the picture for every 20 minutes they read... even if it goes on another day. The minutes are what matter. At the bottom of the calendar is a place for your signature. Please help me to monitor your child reading. If you have never seen them reading a book, you may want to ask questions and you can ask me too. After reading a certain number of minutes each month, the children will earn a free Personal Pan pizza from Pizza Hut. This will be in the Thursday folder on first Thursday of each month. They will only get a certificate if they have completed the reading calendar.


In writing we are continuing to work on our narratives. Students have created their characters and are still working on the events that are going to lead up to their big climax. While I was out on Wednesday, they worked on a plot diagram. We will continue to work on this in class next week because I do not think they understood exactly like I wanted them to. After completing this "skeleton", we will be so close to getting our stories started. I can't wait, and they are chomping at the bit to get started too. Once they are done, we may have a little celebration and invite all of the parents.

Please notice on the Time for Kids writing portion, that I am writing notes to the children about their writing. I am noticing that some children do not like to give a lot of detail or use evidence from the text. If the question ask for them to use the text to support their answer, I will expect to see where they are referring to the text in their answer. I also noticed that many children are forgetting some things that they learned long before fourth grade: capitalization and punctuation. I know that they know it, but I need to see it in their writing. Spelling does not usually cause students to lose points, but if the word is written in the text or on the test, I do expect them to take their time and copy the correct spelling into their writing. Again, this may take them a little extra time, but it will pay off in the long run.

I love the excitement I am seeing about writing from most of the children. (lol)


In math we are still working on the standard algorithm for multiplication. Some students caught onto this very quickly and they will be moving on, while others are taking a little longer. But, please do not worry, they will all get it. If you are seeing that your child is struggling to remember their multiplication facts, please give them time each night to work with them. My son, Caden, has to do multiplication every single night because he does not know them well enough yet. Fourth grade will be terrible if the facts are not memorized because just about everything in 4th grade math includes multiplication in some way.

We have also worked on order of operations using parentheses and brackets and exponents. They usually do a great job figuring out the equations, but when they have to place the grouping symbols in the equation to make it true, they sometimes get stumped. That is usually because they want it to be right the first time and do not have the patience to keep trying...trial and error.

I am so very proud of the math conversations that I hear each Friday while the children go over their Daily Math for the week and their SuperStar math. It is just amazing to listen to them explain their strategies and see them teaching each other. So, please make sure your child is working on the SuperStar math each week, and make sure you are not helping them. You can give them some words and reminders, but please let them figure out the problems on their own.


We finished up our Weather Unit and those graded test papers came home in Thursday folders. I was very pleased with the grades and effort. We will see how it goes when I grade their notebooks. I am seeing that some children did not take their time and misspelled some words in their notebooks. Hopefully they will be a little more careful while doing their History notebooks for this unit. Please know that I go over in great detail what I expect and where to put things and how it should look. But, of course there are still folks that do not hear and end up loosing points because of not hearing me. We will have a guest speaker on the 21st from the National Weather Center. (Sean's grandfather)

Our next unit will be Astronomy. The children are already getting excited about it.

Social Studies

We are currently learning about the Native Americans. So far we have learned about the Land Bridge Theory and the Eastern Woodlands. Some students were excited to come home to print or cut out small pictures that represent the Eastern Woodlands to put on their "Collage" on of the pages in their notebooks. I can't wait to see what they come up with for this assignment. (Some ideas for the collage are: longhouses, trees, rabbits, deer, rivers, fish, berries, corn, squash, nature, respect..ect.) Of course they can use their textbook to get ideas. If they want to draw their pictures they are allowed to do that as well. They can also use words along with the pictures to represent the Eastern Woodlands.

Next week we will learn about the Great Plains, the Southwest, the Great Basin and the Pacific Northwest Coast. The test on this unit will be the following Tuesday, October 25th and their notebooks will be due on that Thursday, the 27th. I would encourage your child to bring home their History notebook daily to review the learning from that day so that they do not have to study so much the night before the test.