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Human Hair Wigs - The Natural Look

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Human hair wigs are one of the best wigs as compared to synthetic wigs because they look more real as well as natural as compared to artificial ones. Unlike synthetic, human hair feel more softer and finer because they are made from real human hair. Online wigs shops these wigs use imported hair from Europe, Asian countries like India. Maintaining these wigs is similar to taking care of natural locks. You can use shampoo, conditioner and leave-on moisturizers in the same way as like a natural locks. Specialists recommend using cold water and shampoo to prevent them from tangling, drying and matting etc.

There are many of the ways of applying wigs, but there are two general methods. Each way is a prolonged method that has its very own variants depending on one's stylist and natural locks. The first way is fusion, In this way involves sectioning your locks into little strands and applying a special type of glue about one-fourth of an inch from the root. This wigs are generally then fused while using natural hair.

The second way is bonding, use a special kind of glue to the weft of the wigs and attaches the weft close to the roots. Fused or bonded wigs can be eliminated using glue removers that have a high oil content to break down the adhesive that will retains all of them in place.

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