By Nora Engbring

History of Google

People always tell you to have big dreams of what to do in life, but maybe we don't have to look past our own beds for ideas that will change the world. In 1995 Larry Page and Sergey Brin met the University of Stanford in California. At that time there was no main search engine,sure there were a few,but there was nothing huge. In the spring of 1998, Page had a dream of a search engine that could handle google searches each day. He came to his now best friend Sergey and they made the choice to make the dream a reality! The launched google on September 4 of 1998. Soon the two made the decision to drop out of Stanford and set up a business that was making no money and had only about 1,000 searches per day.

Google, evolved


Characteristical-Google today is much like it was in 1998. Searches have picked up and Google is now the most used search engine in the world. In addition things have been added,such as The Google Doodle, which was added in 1999 around Halloween. The Google Doodle changes the original logo to something fun with pictures to honor a holiday anniversary or other historical event. In 2006 Google bought Youtube( a small company that let you share videos with your friends) for 1.6 billion dollars. If all that was not enough Google kept adding other resources people use in their everyday lives. These included Google Chrome in 2008, Google maps in 2005, Google Docs in 2005, and Gmail in 2007.

Money- Google still had no way to make money! That all changed when they thought to add ADs on the the websites. These adwords were something advertising a company. These words might be Holiday when a person click on that word it would take them to the company's home page. Each time a person clicks on the word Google charges that company some money. A word like holiday would be 2 cents per click and a word like helicopter parts might be 200 dollars per click. They then did the same thing for Y-tube, the longer you watched the more advertising you would have to watch.Then the componiey would pay google and the people who made the vdieo. Some people make a living this way. In 2004 they started to sell stock for 2 dollars a share how ever by the end of the day they were up to 50.


Impact: Google has had a huge difference in everyday lives, it may be safe to say it's changed people a google ways! Before google if you wanted to look something up you would have to look it up in an encyclopedia. This was not too difficult but it was time consuming. Google m it so very thing was at your fingertips,when you wanted,wherever you are. Google has also made a few of its employees millionaires overnight! The employees at google are already parmed with 3 meals a day that are cooked by 5 star chefs,spas, and more. The salaries are average but if the employee bought stock in the company…. With google making all the money they were let's just say that some employees got very very lucky. Y-tube has opened up an alternative career path for authors. If they make a video post it and someone watches an advertisement before the video starts theY-Tuber” makes part of the money google makes from letting that advertisement the watched. Google donates some of the money they make from Adwords to charities such as: Clean water foundation, the women's rights association and schools in Africa.

The brains behind google

Larry Page: Page was born in 1973 in East Lansing MN. When he was 8 his parents divorced. Later in his life he helped found a technology company named eGroups.

Sergey Brin: Brin was born in the soviet union (Russia) on August 21 1973. In 1979 he moved to Maryland,. He was introduced to computers at age 9 by his father Michel.

The google features

Google Drive/Doc-A place for people to wright and save documents,slide shows and forms,to use along side a speech.

Gmail- A place to wright and send emails,but with a 15 GBs.

Google Chrome-search engine like internet explorer,not just a page that leads you to the sites.

Google Tricks and flips:

Google has many hidden trick up its sleeves, like the coin trick. No coin with you when you need it,no problem type flip a coin into google and google with flip one for you and tell you the results. The same is true for a dice.

Every one loves video games these days and with google searching on amazon is not the only way to play them. If you type in Atari Breakout, Google pacman, or zerg rush you will get to either play the game of watch it come to life! If your internet is running low than Google will give you the classic dinosaur game.

Google will also defy the odds with some classic trick such as: becoming a screw when you type it in the search bar or throwing things around when you type in gravity or doing a barrel roll,a complete 360!

And of course for your basic needs google can supply you with a tip calculator, the sunrise time in your country.

Or just for fun you could type in number of horns in a unicorn, and google will tell you. There are lots of other things google keeps to itself so try exploring!

Google Tricks You Need To Try