By: Cassidy Flohr

The questions I asked regarding " My Reputation Was Shattered: Bullied Teen Becomes Advocate for Awareness"

Short Answer Ques.

There is a new program for bullied children called Raise a Giant. What are some things that the article listed that you could do to help someone who is being bullied around you? Support your answer with details from the article.

Answered by Camille Kugler

You can stand up and tell the bully to stop. It says in the article that Raise a Giant is an open letter writing initiative where parents encourage kids to stand up to bullying.

Second Short Answer Ques.

What did Christina's mom do to help her daughter? Support your answer with details.

Answered by Camille Kugler

Her mom helped by trying to get the staff involved and by talking to the bully's mother.

America, JOANNA PRISCO via Good Morning. "My Reputation Was Shattered: Bullied Teen Becomes Advocate for Awareness." ABC News. ABC News Network, n.d. Web. 01 Nov. 2013.

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My Interview with Lindsey Mattern

Q: Have you ever been bullied?
A:No. I haven't been bullied but I have been teased about my height.
Q:Have you ever witnessed bullying?
A: No.
Q: Have you ever been a bully?
A: No.

My Second Interview with Maya Benysh

Q:Have you ever been bullied?
A:Yes, sadly.
Q:Have you ever witnessed bullying?
A:Sadly, yes.
Q:Have you ever been a bully?
A:Yes, I have, but that doesn't make it right for the other children of the world to do so.

My take on bullying.

How I feel about the topic.

I feel that bullying is just a child that is trying to grab another person's attention. It can also be just built up anger. This is a serious issue in America, and lives are being taken because of it. There are just one to many suicides happening. Suicide is most common in teens, but younger children can be at risk as well.
Below is a song about bullying.

Dare To Be Different - Rachael Lynn - (Official Anti Bullying Music Video)