Effective Facebook Page

For a Talk Show ( Ellen DeGeneres )

Keeping fans up to date on the latest posts, important?

In the entertainment business keeping your fans interested and interactive is important. You have to choose a good time to post. Normally posting during the day a few times a day keeps people on there toes wanting more. Ellen DeGeneres post 3 times a day and sometimes more. She has over 10,000 likes within a few hours because of her constant updates. Not to mention, Ellen never leaves her fans empty handed.
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What types of post create the most interaction?

Generally, when it comes to talk shows, posting pictures of the host and guest is going to get the most interaction for you. Especially when you a fan has not seen the show that day. They can catch up on who was on the show by looking at Facebook posts. Also, when the host post pictures of things they enjoy or think are funny that attracts the fans to look at it because if the host posts it of course it's comical. For the Ellen DeGeneres Facebook page, she is known for posting pictures of cats and people love that. In the entertainment industry peoples general goal is to make someone laugh or have an effect on there viewers by what they say or do. Ellen always finds a way to put a smile on somebodies face by her jokes and her kind generosity.
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Creating Fan Involvement and Engagement

Ellen has a special tab on her page that helps people get involved with being on her show. By doing this she is keeping her fans aware of a way to be a part of the show. It is important in the entertainment world to find ways to make your audience feel hooked to the show and you. Also, creating games or apps to represent the show helps your fans stay engaged and create awareness of who you are. Ellen created an app called , " Heads Up! " This is a game where an iPhone, android, or iPad is put up to the players forehead and there are different categories, the other players are to act out or give clues . If it is correct they flip the piece of electronic forward and if they want it to pass they flip the electronic back. With this the fans are getting a little taste of Ellen's fun personality and enjoying a fun time with friends or family. It a must to make sure you're creating fan involvement and engagement.
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Creating products for fans to purchase

By creating products for a brand name , you're essentially widening your fan base. Such as Ellen mugs, t-shirts, and yes rocks. She also has created from scratch a few of her own products such as a butt that you strap to your rear end to help people who cannot twerk. This was created because of Nicki Minajs music video, " Anaconda." The products not only describe Ellen's goofy personality but they give a way for the fans hold and have fun with something there idle made. Products really can have a big effect on how the fans look at the talk show host and get to know them. So, if the products are personable to the talk show host and there personality the fans will appreciate it.
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