Mrs. Koplin's 4K News

News for the week of December 14th

December Holidays Theme

We will finish up our gingerbread man unit this week. Our classes are still receiving mail from the gingerbread exchange. When we are all said and done we will have received 22 different gingerbread men from Pre-K classes all over the United States! Then we will move on to discussing some of the different December Holidays! We will talk about how some people celebrate holidays in December. We will briefly introduce Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa later this week.

A.M. Class Pictures

P.M. Class Pictures

Jolly Phonics

Our Jolly Phonics letter of the week is "S". The action for the letter "S" sound is to weave your hand in an "s" shape, like a snake, and say /sssssss/. See the video below to hear the "S" song.
Letter S_Jolly Phonics song

Star of the Week A.M.

Super job as "Star of the Week" Ella! Thanks for showing us your funny singing santa and the cute big and little stuffed animal unicorns. It was fun having your mom visit our class and make a gingerbread man craft with us. Great job Ella!

Star of the Week P.M.

Awesome job Lance! Thanks for showing us your racing flags, your stuffed animal snake, and your race medal. It was fun having your mom and dad visit our class and make a craft project and read your favorite book Where the Wild Things Are. Super job Lance!