Online Video Poker

Online Video Poker

Online Video Poker

Those enthusiastic about online video poker could be interested to know that video poker itself actually predates the World Wide Web and the Internet (at least as it exists today) by over twenty years. Poker and its many variants has always been one of typically the most popular of casino games obviously, and online video poker has taken that venerable form of card play in to the computer age.

A Short History of Poker

Nobody is quite sure where poker originated, although a similar game, known as nas, has been played in Iran for a large number of years. It may have been introduced in the U.S. by Persian sailors making port in New Orleans back in the 1820s. The first references to poker in America are from the memoirs of an English actor who played for the reason that city in 1829. From there, the overall game spread northward aboard the famous Mississippi riverboats, and eastward and westward across the Ohio, Cumberland and Missouri.

Not surprisingly, video poker is perhaps one of many earliest "computer games," and its development was parallel and contemporaneous with that of the non-public computer in the 1970s. Online video poker is just a direct descendant of these early (and relatively primitive) electronic games. Video poker went online at the beginning of the Internet Age in the first 1990's, and was actually played between real people in real time over Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks. Today, online video poker is perhaps one of typically the most popular of online casino games. Since 2003, the number of video poker players in virtual, online card rooms has grown exponentially.Online Video Poker

How Does It Compare to the "Real Thing"?

Apart from the fact as possible play alone making use of your personal, private Internet connection, the video poker casino game as it is played online isn't any diverse from playing in an actual casino or card room. Just like "real" poker, online video poker includes a dealer - in this case, a "virtual" one - who hands you your initial hand. Then you're able to discard and receive new cards, ante, raise and call the same way.

Will I Be Ripped Off?

If you're worried that online video poker is "rigged," you have to know that video poker is probably the most honest of online casino games. One of the reason is that the major online video poker sites are publicly-traded companies, and therefore subject to numerous S.E.C. regulations, and are accountable to shareholders. This kind of company that attempts to "rig" a movie poker casino game and is discovered could find itself heavily fined and its corporate officers facing felony charges. Online video poker is one of the best established, well-regulated and user-friendly kinds of Internet gaming, providing the same excitement and pleasure of real casino games - and additionally, that you do not need to concern yourself with maintaining a "poker face."