2019 Lego WeDo 2.0

Grades 3 Through 5

Big picture

Goals & Objectives

Students created Milo, the Science Rover and began to explore coding within the LegoWedo 2.0 software. Students were able to program Milo to move forward, backward, change speed, and dance! Some of our students even explored with LOOPING, SENSORY DETECTION and lots more!

Learning through Challenges!

We learned about PROBLEM-SOLVING and TEAMWORK as we competed in competitions using multiple Milo robots! We also learned about the effects of speed, force, gears, and gravity! There sure was a lot of action, excitement, and noise in this STEM class!

Coding Our Milo Robots!

We used our Central School Chromebooks to code our robots. We used various coding algorithms to move our Milo's forward, backward, loop, speech, lights, sensor objects, and so much more! The coding and dialogue was awesome to be a part of! The students were engaged and helping each other build with their Legos and code their creations!

I would also like to thank CS ALUMNI, MAEVE HURLY & FIONA KEENAN for their assistance with this club!

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