News From 'Our Pad'

December 2015


We are really cruising along in our reading! We continue to get more high frequency words each week along with learning how the letters and sounds work together. We have learned how nonsense words work and how they sound very different from real words. In the next week we will take the 2nd round of DIBELS. I am anxious to see how much progress everyone has made!


We have done a large variety of math in the past few weeks. We are perfecting our written numbers and learning more about the order of numbers. We know how to count much farther! We have expanded our money learning to dimes! We had a great time learning about geoboards and have made shapes on them. Sometimes math brings us treats, such as new veggies on the salad bar.

This and That!

Just a few reminders! Book orders are due tomorrow! It is a great time to get those last few items for Christmas! If you would like them for gifts I can order and not tell your child. Let me know and I'll make an arrangement to get these to you quietly and not ruin any surprises! This is the last few days for our Christmas Cheer Donations. Thank you to everyone for your past and future donations! We are all super excited to go shopping on Friday morning! Watch for a permission slip in your child's purple folder! And finally - don't forget about our K-1 class gift exchange for Christmas. Find a gift for $5, wrap it and bring it on in!! Girls buy for girls and boys buy for boys. On the tag just put "To A Boy from (your son's name" or "To A Girl from (your daughter's name)." The kids love giving as much as getting and this is a great chance for us to practice our manners about how to give and receive gifts!