The Gold Rush Era


Discovery Of Gold

The Gold Revolution

The discovery of gold is one of the most significant changes that altered Australia from before the gold rush to what we have now. California had one too, as great as the Australian gold rush. It increased the population and made Australia a modern world.

James McBrien

Many people believe that Edward Hargraves was the first to find gold, if you think that you are mistaken. James McBrien was the first founder of gold although the government kept it a secret. The government was scared that all the men and the workers would go out to the goldfields and leave their jobs and homes all for the sake of gold. James McBrien found gold in 1823 at Fish River near Rydal and Bathurst.

Edward Hargraves, John Lister and the Tom Brothers

Edward Hargraves was the "official" founder of gold. He claimed a reward of 10 000 pounds, but he also needed to show the people how to find and pan for gold. The way he found the gold was interesting because not long before Edward Hargraves went to the California Gold Rush. He noticed that the ground was the same type of ground as the ground in the Californian goldfields.

After a while John Lister went to the governor and told him that he should have the credit of finding gold. John Lister and the Tom Brothers showed Edward Hargraves where to find the gold he wanted to find. Edward Hargraves never actually did any mining or panning or cradling. He got Mr Lister and the Tom Brothers to do the cradling, mining and the panning. Mr Hargraves thought he wouldn't need any money because he though his 10 000 pound reward would be enough to last him for his life. Soon later he spent all his money.

Edward Hargraves Birth

Monday, Oct. 7th 1816 at 12am

Gosport, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Gosport, England

When Edward Hargraves was born.

How was gold found?



Mineshafts were made underground when they were looking for gold deeper than alluvial gold. If they were down in the shafts the other person helping them would have to carry their licence to prove that they do have it. It faced many dangers. For example getting flooded or the roof collapses and many more.


Alluvial Gold

Alluvial gold is gold near the surface of the earth's crust. They use panning and only need a couple of tools for their search to find gold. Alluvial gold is easier to find than shaft and also safer. Once all of the alluvial gold is found they went deeper to mineshafts.

Reef Mining

Reef mining

Reef mining is when miners find veins of gold on quartz. If diggers go mining and you find quartz near by it means that there will be gold near the area the miners are in. Sometimes miners found gold with a bit of copper. It is very hard to get the gold out of the quartz and required special material and tools.


Gold was found using panning by shaking the washing stuff out of the gold pan and leaving the heavy gold at the bottom of the pan. Another type of finding gold was using cradles. Cradles have wood sticking out of it to rock the cradle. The cradle had several layers to keep the gold and have the dirt left out with the water.

Payable Gold

Sometimes if you find gold you may find flexes of gold near rivers and creeks. Although it is gold it will have to be payable gold and not just tiny gold. Usually going down deep will get you in luck if you want payable gold.

Who lived on the goldfields?

Who lived on the goldfields?

People from all over Australia and some from over the world. People from the other side of the world had to use boats but people in Australia they had to WALK to the goldfields. Some people were rich enough to hire coaches and horses for travelling. One of the most popular poets, Henry Lawson was born in the goldfields. Many workers and Stay at home people came to the goldfields to seek fortune. Although some people didn't find any fortune the worst still hasn't come. People who were mining in shafts faced many dangers especially for flooding and collapses.

Life In The Gold Fields

Life on the goldfields

After a while when people had enough gold they started building shops and hotels so the peole could stay there if they had no home. Some people had great canvas tents and they are lucky to have canvas tents. The unfortunate people had to sleep on the uncomfortable ground.

Eureka Stockade

Eureka Stockade

The Eureka Stockade played a major part in our world's evolution. It all started when the troops started looking for licences and some people had them about 2 metres apart from the place, they would get tied to a tree. Wars and loud bangs started and many people died in the war for the licences. They made a flag called The Southern Cross. The flag was destined to fly when the people who fought for the licences won against the troopers.


Result of Gold

The result of gold had a major impact on the making of the country we have now. People from all over the world had settled here in hope to find gold and live a better life. Not many had luck but some people had enough to shape our country's modern world now. The federation was made in 1901 as a result of the Gold Rush and Eureka Stockade. Democracy had started because of the war between the miners and troopers. In the end democracy had solved mateship and disagreements but still now we are having wars. Why can't other countries be like Australia? We know not everyone can be a philanthropist but we can at least try to be. Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not all opinions are good for the community.

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