The "Bread Basket"

By Evan Thigpen

The "Bread Basket"?

The Middle colonies were known as the "Bread Basket" because of the mass amounts of wheat that the middle colonies grew due to the geographical features of the middle of the New World. All of the Middle colonies shared four similar features: one is that wheat was the cash crop, two is that they had no set religion, three was that they all were Proprietary colonies, and that they had no set religion. These four things makes all of these middle colonies have alot in common and little in difference.


The first of the middle colonies to be established. Delaware was founded in 1638 and named after Lord Del La Warr. Delaware like all other Middle colonies had no set religion and grew wheat as its cash crop. Delaware was a Proprietary colony at the time it was founded.

New York

Founded in 1664 by the Duke of York the colony of New York was established with no set religion and with a government of a Proprietary colony. Of course its cash crop was wheat because New York was a Middle colony and all Middle colonies share these this feature.

New Jersey

Also founded in 1664 was the colony of New Jersey. It and the colony of New York shared almost evry aspect of how they worked and were ran. Both were Proprietary colonies that grew wheat as their cash crops.


Pennsylvania was the last of the middle colonies to be founded. It was founded by William Penn in 1682. Like all other Middle colonies it was no different in the fact that it grew wheat as its cash crop, was a Proprietary colony, and that it had no set religion. But it was different in one way, that way was by who it was inhabited by. The Quakers were the inhabitants of this middle colony. The Quakers were a group of christians, although there was no set religion Pennslyvania was full of Quakers which made this colony seem to be Christian based.