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April Newsletter 4-4-16

April is National Poetry Month!

7th graders have been busy with the start of our poetry unit. Each student has been keeping an Interactive Poetry Notebook (IPN) where all of their homework, classwork and creative work go. It is all in one place for this unit. The theory behind the IPN is that it is a hands on learning experience for students, while building a portfolio of their work. They are synthesizing their information learned in class and expressing it through their own writing and interpretation.

Throughout this unit, we will be reading, writing and analyzing the different forms of poetry, while focusing on a mini unit on Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance. Additionally, students are reading Heartbeat by Sharon Creech, which works beautifully with this unit.

This unit is filled with opportunity for student expression, taking a deeper look into poetry and the written word, while also giving students some room for creativity and a chance to make connections with other writers, both past and present.

*Looking ahead, students will be finishing off the year reading and acting out Thorton Wilder's Our Town! Keep your eye out for more next month!*

Understanding Middle Schoolers

Middle school years can be very challenging for students, as well as parents. Boys and girls can be extremely different and often there are shifts in mood, attitude and motivation on a daily basis. These shifts can be unpredictable and challenging for us adults to understand. Last year, I was fortunate enough to hear the New York Times Bestselling author Rosalind Wiseman speak at a conference. I ended up buying both of her books Masterminds and Wingmen and Queen Bees and Wannabes , more as a future middle school parent. I often find myself letting friends of mine borrow them and thought that I would share these resources with all of you. I feel that as a parent they are must reads in helping to understand our middle school children and how hard it can be, going through adolescence. I hope you find them useful.

Announcements & Reminders

  • CPS Movie Night: The Martian Friday, April 8th
  • Student Council Talent Show Participant Submissions Due Friday, April 15th
  • April Vacation: April 16-24th