Mrs. Haas' Third Grade News

January 18, 2016

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This week we will work on determining the cause and effect of situations in the stories we read. We will continue to review prefixes and suffixes.

Writer's Workshop

Students continue to move through the writing process with their persuasive writing. Many students have moved on to their sloppy copy. Others continue to brainstorm reasons with evidence to support their opinion.


We will wrap up Topic 8 this week. We will review in class on Wednesday for the Topic Test, which means Wednesday night reading homework will get switched to math homework so students can complete their practice test. Reading homework will come home on Thursday. Thanks for understanding!

There will be no new math facts to practice this week. However, we will take a review test on Friday. Students will be tested on the facts we have already covered.


Last week Mrs. Gillian Bush from the Ed Tech Team at District Office came to teach us a new App called Shadow Puppet. Students are working with their egg drop team to develop a presentation on the egg drop experiment along with their individual results that day. We will also head to court this week...Science Court that is. Students will use their knowledge of gravity to help solve a case in court.