The French And Indian War

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Disagreements between France and Great Britain arose when English colonists settled on land claimed by France in the Ohio River Valley.The French trappers feared that the newcomers would cut down forsests,which would hurt their fur trade.The dispute led to the French and Indian War.In this war, the French and their Native American allies fought the British.

The French

In 1754 the governor of Virginia sent a officer, George Washington to Fort Duquesne, located in present-day Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.Washington's men defeated a force of French soldiers near the fort.It was the first battle of the French and Indian War.

Quebec , Canada

In 1755 British General Edward Braddock led British troops against Fort Duquesne. This time the British were defeated. Nearly 900 British troops were killed or wounded by the French and Indians.Braddock was killed. In June 1759 British forces attacked Quebec,which is located on steep cliffs above the St. Lawrence River.To carry out this surprise attack, British troops silently climbed narrow paths up the cliffs at night.