Early Ojibwe

Summer ( Niibin )

By the time the Ojibwe finished making Maple Sugar,

Summer - or Niibin (Nee-bin)- was nearly upon them. They packed their belongings into Birchbark Canoes and headed for their summer village sites. These were usually located near rivers or lakes. The bark-covered dwellings looked much like the sugarhouses in the maple groves.

Lacrosse and getting to the Fall destination,

In the summer villages Ojibwe faimlies could enjoy life as a larger community. They gathered together for ceremonial feasts and dances. They also played games-especially what is known as lacrosse. Lacrosse was a popular team sport. Both men and women had teams. It was played on a large open field, often with spectators. All players carried sticks with a pouch at the end. They used those to catch and throw a leather ball. The team that put the most balls through the goal won the game. Summer was also the time when women planted and tended the crops.

The End