The Racism Prevention Organization

(The RPO) By: Joseph Stanley&Taylor Newman

Our 5 W's


Our organization helps stop the discrimination of people in different races by racist Americans who believe they are superior than others based on skin color.


The government will need to fund our projects to help stop racism around the nation. We will try to keep our budget at a low cost and our program will use money efficiently.


This organization will start up projects to prevent racism around the nation based on where in America racism seems to be present the most frequent.


This program will be in effect and last for 12 years before the decision to shut down the project can be made. Depending on the stats of racism around the country the conclusion about the future of the program will be decided by the government.


The government needs to support this organization because the citizens of America in different races deserve to not be discriminated against and be treated equally compared to other Americans.

How we will stop racism around the nation


We need to get rid of the idea that people should be treated based on race and skin color because this is the reason so many Americans have committed violent racist acts toward people of different ethnicity. We will encourage the fact that all men are created equal no matter the race, culture or skin color. We will promote the diversity of communities as a positive. Our program will strongly prohibit the mindset in Americans that believe in unequality.