What's Hopping and Popping in Rm 2


Closing of the Rabbit Theme

This has been the final week of Miss Jennifer's take over session. She has had a blast leading the children in their discoveries about rabbits. She has learned as much from the children as they have from her.

Change of clothes

PLEASE make sure your child has one complete set of clothing in their cubbie. Two sets would be even better. We love to get messy and have fun and sometimes the children have accidents. If you have any clothing borrowed from GRACE, please wash and return. Thanks!

Family Feedback

Miss Jennifer Wolfe would appreciate any feedback about the rabbit theme and your child's experiences.

Upcoming Events

November 27th - All day care day

November 28th & 29th - NO care available. Grace is closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.

December 7th - Doughnuts with Santa