My Summer 2015

Lexi Smith

End of School Pool Party

After a stressful freshman year. My friends and I had a pool party to start off our summers and relax. We went to my friend Erica's house we had snacks and ,then had a shaving cream fight, and of course swam. :)

My Little Sis Goes to Summer Camp!!!

sending my little sis to her first year of summer camp so upsetting because she was going to be gone for a week, but i was happy for her because she had a lot of fun :)

Fun times in the Sunshine

Nana's House :)!!!

My family and I went to my Nana's house in Georgetown, TX. We had fun riding around in a golf cart and making crafts. On our way back home we also stopped at my favorite store called Magnolia Farms. The person that owns that store is apart of my favorite show called Fixer Upper. They redesign houses.