Breaking Beautiful

A Crime Novel

Background of the Crime

The book Breaking Beautiful is about a girl named Allie who survived a tragic car Accident. It was her 18th birthday and her Boyfriend Trip and her had gone out to celebrate. the question is how did Allie survive but her boyfriend didn't. the Book takes place in Pacific Cliff


The day Allie goes back to school she has Hannah glued to her side. Hannah normally gives her looks of hatred and says snotty things to her. Hannah has always been that way towards Allie since she moved to Pacific Cliffs two years ago. Hannah is the town beauty queen, after a few weeks Allie takes her father’s truck out of town and as she is entering the middle of town, after returning from the other town, she runs into the new detective, who pulls her over. After realizing who she is he decides to start asking her questions about the night of the accident. Allie's father shows up and goes off on the new detective (detective weeks) for questioning his daughter without the proper procedures in place. Needless to say when Allie goes back to school the next day, Hannah gives Allie looks of pure hatred, because she claimed that Allie is trying to steal detective weekly from her just like she stole trip from her too.


Allie gets suspend from school because Hannah tried to hit Allie and she grabbed Hannah by the arm and dug her nails into her arm which made her bleed. While suspended from school Allie decides to get rid of all the pictures, letters and cards that trip gave her. So she sneaks out of her house with Blake. Blake is Allie's "old friend" they use to be really good friends until Allie met Trip. After she met Trip, Trip didn't want Allie to hang out with him because he wasn't with his "Crowd"


After Allie threw away everything over the cliff she sees the memorial headstone that they put up, since they never found trips truck or body. Then finally goes back to school and keeps finding notes in her locker that have trips handwriting on them, And she is consistently has thoughts that someone is following and watching her. Blake and Allie r chosen to do the sweetheart dance committee and Allie gets called to see detective Weeks that following Monday about the accident. He brings up things about someone else being at the scene the day of the accident. Finally Allie finds out that one of Trips best-friend James has been following her everywhere she goes and accuses her of murdering Trip


Breaking Beautiful was a great mystery book that teaches young teen girls to speak out about abuse. Allie revealed at the end all the abuse she went through with Trip,


Allie has a twin brother named Andrew who has trouble breathing because he was a little before Allie and his breathing was cut down. He knows what Allie goes through with Trip and wants try to protect her from him.

Allies mother and father are very concerned with Allie because ever since the accident she hasn't been the same

All of Trips friends are mean and drunks at parties, and don't let Allie do anything that involves other guys out side of their circle.