Social Studies Week 3

9.21 - 9.25

Highlights of Week 3

9.21 - As a class we discussed WE Day and We ACT. The kids were given a handout outlining what they needed to do in order to be considered for WE Day, which is on Tuesday, November 3 at the XCEL Energy Center. A handout was also given out that discussed civic meetings and asked each student to attend two civic meetings. These can be Booster Clubs, 4H, School Board, City Council, etc. (basically any meeting that has elected officials running it). That assignment is not due until March 3 but we wanted to give the kids as much time as possible to complete it since it does require driving and I know how busy families can get.

9.22: We went outside and each class tried to come to a consensus about a local civic plan to help improve the community. The students learned the meaning of consensus and that it doesn't mean everyone gets their way or even has to agree with the final verdict; but we should try to support and help with the majority decision that was made in order to help out our community.

9.23: The kids all voted on which Local Civic Activity they wanted to pursue and it was determined that Improving School Spirit would be the focus of our energy going forward this year. We will be working in the coming days to implement our project plan and assign tasks to the students. The students took notes on primary and secondary sources and were given homework to determine whether sixteen different mediums were primary or secondary sources.

9.24: The kids corrected their primary and secondary word strips and then we colored the primary sources a primary color to help them remember and then colored the secondary sources a secondary color as well. Some students were able to add this to their portfolio while others were not.

9.25: I was home with a sick kid so we had a substitute today. The kids watched a documentary Titled "Secrets of the $1 Bill" and answered questions about the symbolism and history behind our currency.