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Hell, I'm Ms.Duan!

I am very excited to teach 1st grade, because I think that's the perfect age where children are able to explore and use their imagination skills in their learning. My goal is to teach the best way I can in order for my students to have fun while learning and feel a sense of belonging in my class. I plan to use my creativity skills to help children understand important concepts and build a great relationship with them. I hope to learn many new things along the way as a future educator!

Try This With Your Kids!

Dear Parents,

I want to inform you guys about an exciting game that’s fun and relatable to the contents that are being taught in class. “Zac the Rat,” is a great game to help young children develop their reading skills and for those who are struggling with pronunciation. The game provides images and different letters where children are asked to drag the correct letter that’s being said out loud to complete the word. The game pronounces each letter slowly for students so they are able to learn at their own pace and read along. Ater every level there is a short book that contains the words that are being taught in the game for students to have a final review or read the words out loud to themselves. Letters are very important to learn and is one of the first lesson plans for young children in Elementary school, so this game will be very helpful and a way to prepare and guide students with reading and writing as well. Students are really enjoying and taking advantage of this game while improving their reading skills!

Here is a link to the game so feel free to take a look at it with your children or work on the activities along with them .


Ms. Duan

Reading Is Fun!

It is important to engage students with reading on a daily basis to enhance their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. Parents should read with their child to make the reading process more fun and enjoyable for both. For this week's reading assignment, students are required to keep a reading log and read at least for 20 minutes a day and record it on the their log after they are done.

Photo Citation

Houston Zoo!

Friday, Nov. 13th, 9am-2pm

6200 Hermann Park Drive

Houston, TX

Students will get the chance to explore and start their community investigation for our class field trip to the zoo! Students will need to bring their own lunch that day, and we will take a lunch break at 11am inside the Pinewood Cafe. Parents are welcome to join as well, and please contact me with any questions regarding the field trip. I hope this will be a fun and memorable trip for all of us. See you there!

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Please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns or questions.