Standing Up

Bullying and cyber bullying are both a terrible thing.


Many kids have been bullied or bullied online every year and have considered suicide, cyber bullying is just as painful as regular bullying. WeStopHate is just one out of many programs that try to improve bullying/cyber-bullying prevention. Now how would you feel if you were being bullied online and offline,programs like WeStopHate can help change that. Cyber-bullying can happen to anyone at anytime, and it is just another way to bully someone emotionally and physically harm kids and to embarrass, harass, and threaten them. Only a few victims of cyber-bullying tell their parents or trusted grown-ups. Only 21% of kids have received mean or threatening e-mail messages and 5% of students/kids have had a hurtful or rude picture posted, 58% of kids haven’t told their parents about an online bullying incident, 7% of boys and girls have had someone impersonate them while online.


Bullying is a terrible thing but there are ways to stop it.

Bullying is a hurtful thing, but there are ways to stop it. In 2011 60% of middle school students have been bullied, 20% of high school students have been bullied or have considered suicide, but school staff didn't believe those students who were being bullied and 16% of those staff believed the students. Emily Regal is the director and founder of WeStopHate, a program dedicated to help lower the self-esteem in kids. Some teens are physically or mentally harassed every year. And Emily Regal aids kids overcome their problems with bullying and she’s speaking out to intercept the problem. Bullying or cyber-bullying, people should still not do it, it’s a very terrible thing that kids go through every year. Programs like WeStopHate assists kids hats with bullying and cyber-bullying.