Putting Power lines under ground

Power Line problem


We are CSPH and we are looking to put power lines underground. We calculated the measurement by using the Pythagorean theorem. We used seven triangles to figure out the hypotenuse for each one. Once we did that we added all the hypotenuse's together to find out how many feet of power line we needed to put it underground. Out total power line is 3,845 feet long.

Our investors are coming in a day early and would like to go site seeing at the Toyota center, and then to lunch at Cyclone Anaya's. We then took a map with different points on it and figured out how many blocks our investors would have to walk to get to the destinations. We calculated the distance from point A; which was our office then to point B; which was the Toyota center to point C; which was Cyclone Anaya's then back to point A other wise know as the office. We figured this out by getting a map of downtown and using a ruler to measure different size triangles to the different points. We used inches then we made a scale factor from inches to feet.

We hope you consider our presentation for underground power lines in downtown. Thank you and have a nice day!



Presentation day

Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 10:30am

8200 South Fry Road

Katy, TX

Mrs.Allen's room