Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin

Eaarly years

Aldrin was born i montclair New Jersey, on January 20, 1930. He was originally named Edwin Eugne Aldrin Jr. But then legally changed it to Buzz Aldrin as a adult.


  • Aldrin then became a air force officer in the military.
  • He then successfully flew 66 combat missions over Korea with the F-86 jet.


  • He then flew F-100s as a commander in Bitberg, Germany.


After leaving N.A.S.A, Aldrin became a commandment of the U.S Air Force test pilot school at Edwards Air Force base, in California. In 1972 he retired from active duty, after 21 years of service. He later returned to the Air Force as a managerial role, but his carrer was blighted by personal problems.


In 1963 Aldrin got his Doctors Degree in Astronomic's from Massachusetts Institute of Technology . He then be came an Astronaut later that year. He was the second person in the world to walk on the moon right after Neil armstrong.