Fashion of the 60s

The most colorful fashion yet

What were the hairstyles of the 1960s

Acorriding to FeliCa Lowenstein Niven in the book Fabulous Fashion of the 1960s the hair of the 1960s was a lot different than it is now. The hair was either long or short. There were many types of hair that made your hair stick straight up. People would tease there hair which means they would make it stick straight up. The beehive is an example of one of the wacky hairstyles it got that name because it looks like a beehive because it sticks straight up.
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What did the shoes look like

Some of the shoes that were popular were black and white. Sometimes if you were lucky you could even get shoes with some colors. Some of the colors were red yellow blue. Boots were popular in the middle of the 60s. The boots were really tall and normally white.


Some of the accessories of the 1960s that were popular. Big sunglasses were very popular they were wore by a lot of famous people who probaly started it. Dangaly earings were normally wore by people if they were going to some were special. The thing that I thought was the most about fashion was the pearl necklaces that a lot of people wore.

What were the sweaters and coats like

Sweaters and coats in the 1960s were very long and could maybe go all the way down to the ankles of the people wearing. The sweaters were almost always made out of wool and were very warm for winter. People would normally just were regular coats. Sometimes people would have fur on the hood. A lot of famous people were caught wearing fur hoods when they were going somewhere in winter.

What about the pants

The pants in the 1960s were nothing like today's pants. Most of the pants were very short in the 60s. Most of the pants only went to above the ankle. There were many different types of pants like denim,strech pants, and many more.

Fun facts

Some fun facts that I found are that there was a hairstyle called the beehive. A lot of girls would were hi heels a lot. There were many different pairs of pants. There was a type of pants called stretchy elastic pants. Some shirts were stripes that could be any colors.


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