"Rock" 'n Roll

every thing there is to know about Rocks!

What is a igneous rock?

a igneous rock is a rock that has been made from lava OR magma.
it dose this by cooling down, the rocks often have air bubbles in them.

What is a sedimentary rock?

a sedimentary rock is a rock that is made from fossils, sand, rocks and many other things. the rock is formed from the pressure of being at the bottom of the see, you know it's a sedimentary rock if it has layers.

what is a Metamorphic rock?

a metamorphic rock is made from heat, pressure and any other type of rock.

the rock cycles

Learn about the Rock Cycle


Q.What is the crust ?
A.the earth has a surface called the crust
Q.what is the mantle soild liquid or gas?
  • A.the crust can be from -40 to 55c
  • A. The mantle is probably 2500c
  • A.the outer core is probably 4000c
  • A.the inner core is probably 5000c

Q.what would happen is i went to the mantle?

A.if you went to the mantle you would die from heat and pressure

Q.what is the texture of the inner core?

A.the inner core is a extremely hot solid metal ball

Q.what are the main layers?

A.the crust the mantle, the outer core and the inner core

Q. how thick is the outer core?

A.the outer core is 2200KM thick

Q.how come i can't see the mantle?

A.because it's covered by the crust

Q.why is the inner core solid?

A. because of all of earths pressure going at every direction

Q.has anyone seen the core?

A. no because the pressure and temperature is so great it would crush and burn anything that goes near it