Volcano Central!

By: Malaya Perushek

Shield Volcanoes!

Come on down to our shield volcano stay that will shield you from all problems that you can leave behind! Here, there is a spa in which you can relax in. This spa consists of a large hot tub with gentle waves of spewing lava forming the sides of this volcano with layers of hardened rock! This relaxing sensation will calm you. Since your stay here at this wonderful volcano hotel is big, you can roam around and take pleasant hikes or walks. A famous shield hotel is the Mauna Loa in Hawaii that is destined to soothe you. These types of stays are located in a lot of places, in Hawaii and other islands and on fault lines.

Cinder Cone Volcanoes

Another wonderful vacation stay is at our cinder cone escape! These are also along mostly fault lines. Here, you can build sand castles from the explosive cinders, ashes, and rock particles. It's fun! Bring your kids! If you are interested in taking a workout, then take a hike! If you want to relax, come during volcano season where a possible lava park of explosive magma will spring up into the air, creating a bigger stay once hardened and cooled. A few of our famous resorts are Ankaratra Field in Madagascar and Aquihuato in Peru. If you don't like heights, the shield volcano is greatly recommended because these volcanoes can be very tall. They also have a crater near the summit, usually.

Composite Volcanoes!

Please join us at the composite volcano inn where everyone gets a fair share of everything! At this stay, you can enjoy our lava pools and relax and you can make sand castles from ash and rock particles. Here, it's the best of both worlds! These types of volcanoes are made of lava, ash, and rock particles, the lava and all in layers, making up the even volcano. Some popular stays are Mount Fuji in Japan, Mount Cotopaxi in Ecuador, and Mount Etna in Italy. These big inns can provide generous spaces for your families because of their grand heights.
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This is a map of the locations of many volcanoes!