Rowe & Dunn

5th Grade


Friday: Puberty Talk @ 2:30

Lunch Menu: March is not out yet, so we only Monday's option

Monday: Orange Chicken w/ Rice Ham & cheese Sandwich Chicken Tenders w/ Roll Mashed Potatoes Fresh Fruit & Salad Bar


This week in reading we will read "Chasing Orangutans" and review expository text. No spelling this week. Unit Test on Friday.


This week in math we will finish up financial literacy and test on Wednesday. Students will have a vocabulary test on Monday. We will finish out the week going over the STAAR math benchmark we took a few weeks ago.

Think Through Math is a GREAT way for students to practice. They have their logins.


This week in science we will continue with food webs and food chains. Students will have a project that we will complete in school.

Social Studies

Week #20: Reconstruction

Please remember that students can get on the Social Studies weekly website to read and play games.