Nutrition Should Be Known!

created by: Gracie Sperling

The New 28th Amendment

Today, obesity has become a large issue and needs to finally be addressed. The new 28th amendment states that all restaurants in the United States must publicly post on all their menus the nutritional value of every meal in their restaurant. The people of America must be educated on what they are eating, and the amount of calories their meal contains. No longer will the American people be shielded from the nutritional value of their food. The calories of the food item will be clear and prominent for customers to see and read.

The cons of Amendment XXVIII,

The cons of Amendment XXVIII is that people could ignore the posted nutritional value, and still make unhealthy decisions. Also, restaurants could try and hide the nutritional value of their food items, making their customers unaware of what they are eating.

Finally, if Amendment XXVIII were to pass it could take at least two years for restaurants to relabel all their menus, raise the money to purchase all the new labelled menus, and for it to become a nation wide, enforced law.