Oak Hills Newsletter

November 13, 2020

Principal's Message

Dear Oak Hills Families,

I am in awe of what you do every day for your child. It has been roughly 9 months since you were tasked to not only be your child's parent but also their teacher. I know that you have valiantly given every ounce of energy you have to manage your student on Zoom, assist them in tackling their assignments, make sure they are on time to their sessions, feed them three times a day, and take on the role of a counselor and coach while you may be doing your own work. Here are some wise words from David Streight, our School Psychologist. I hope they bring you some comfort.

Distance learning has presented challenges to lots of us, in lots of ways. But no one is perhaps more challenged than busy parents who now feel added responsibilities helping their children learn. Education is a field most adults have little experience in. The suggestions below are intended to help parents play both those roles, to answer the important question:

How can I be most helpful to my child without causing additional stress for either or us?

Allow yourself not to know everything

It's okay not to know everything, especially things that might be taught differently now than when you were in school. Parents can be helpers even if they're not experts.

When helping with school work, let your children see you as wanting to learn, even if it's hard. Let them see that some academic concepts can be a challenge for you, too. When children understand that their parents, too, can struggle with learning—that their parents might need a rest, a break from the material, but that they're not giving up—this can be one of the most valuable lessons for success a parent can teach.

Explain why what they are learning is important

We want our children to learn, but even more, we want them to be self-motivated learners. Our ultimate goal is that our children learn because they want to, not because a teacher or a parent makes them. Explanations can play a powerful role here. If your child thinks something is "dumb," or "stupid," explain why what they are doing is important, or might be important, or might relate to something they are already interested in. For example, math is important for baseball or basketball statistics; it is also important for veterinary doctors. Skill in putting words together is as important for song writers as it is for journalists.

Understanding why something might be useful makes it easier for a child to "buy into" learning it; buying into something makes learning it both faster and more interesting.

Don't help too much

In most cases, especially with young children, adults catch on much more quickly than their kids. But when helping children with school work, the art of being successful is to help as little as is needed for the child to catch on by him- or herself. If the adult gives answers too quickly, the child's interest in grappling with the material diminishes.

We only feel successful as learners when we feel like we "caught" the material on our own. Hinting is fine, but your child needs to feel like the hint pointed in the right direction, not that it uncovered the treasure!

Most important of all: Keep the goal in mind; step back if needed

We want two things of our children. We want them to be successful learners and we want them to be good community members when they leave the classroom and go out into the world. For that to happen they need both academic guidance and lots & lots of love and support. Of the two, love & support are more important than academic excellence, especially for parent-child interactions, and especially in times like the present. If your academic support becomes a trouble point in family life, step back, give yourself and your child some time to relax and recover, maybe ask the teacher for ideas on how to support. Discuss the issue with your child only when you both are ready.

We never want somebody to have to be the "bad guy," but if a difficult assignment or learning a new concept causes frustration or anger, let the teacher be the "bad guy" for now. Your job as parent is to be that place of safety, support, and refuge.

I hope there were things David shared that held true for you. I would like to remind you that next Wednesday is our Move-A-Thon. Please watch the video below with your student. Additionally, the PTO meeting is next Wednesday at 7pm. I will be going over the metrics for Hybrid, the Social Studies Unit on Anti-Bias Anti-Racism, and School events such as Picture Day, Food Drive, and Book Fair.

Thank you for all that you continue to do to support your student and our school. We appreciate you.

Have a lovely weekend.

Sheila Baumgardner




The PTO Move-a-Thon is scheduled for Wednesday, November 18th. We will be hosting a school-wide virtual Zumba session from 1:00- 1:30pm on November 18th. We will be sharing the Zoom link, meeting ID, and passcode as time gets closer. Many teachers will be joining too!!

Here is what you can do to support us:

1. Sign up for pledgestar - https://pledgestar.com/oakhills

2. Ask family and friends to support you

3. Get moving on November 18! Run, walk, bike, dance for 30 minutes
4. Post photos on our Facebook event page to see your fellow classmates in action!

If we reach our $25K goal (that's $55 per student), we'll host a drive-by silly string party! Please register today.

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Dorian School Photography at Oak Hills Tentaviely on 12/2

Oak Hills Elementary School Picture Day has been scheduled for Wednesday, December 2nd from 9am- 6pm in the gym, with Covid-19 parameters being observed. Please note that if the Governor's Order to pause on social activities is extended into December for Washington County, this event will need to be rescheduled.

Here is the link to sign up.


Photos will be taken while standing, with the exception of our youngest students. Photo orders may be completed online. Order envelopes will be distributed to families on Wednesday, November 18th, via the school office, or available to parents at the time of your child's appointment. Photos will be mailed to families directly and are expected before the holidays.

Due to Covid and scheduling constraints, retakes are not being scheduled at this time. We are still working through the details of what classroom composites may look like for this school year.

Please look for additional information and a link to sign up for an appointment coming to you via School Messenger in the next week or two.

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Miss Movie Night?

Get your fixings for family movie night and support the Oak Hills PTO at the same time! For a suggested $10 donation you will get a reusable popcorn container filled with candy bars, microwave popcorn, and a Papa Murphy’s multi-coupon card. Buy for yourself, a friend, or a teacher! Movie Night To-Go can be purchased in advance and picked up next Wednesday, November 18th. Please place your order before it is too late. Electronic payments can be done through the Oak Hills PTO website. Check and exact change can be accepted on Wednesday, 11/18.

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Dining for Dollars!!

The Meating Place has generously gifted Oak Hills Elementary 50% of profits of sales from individuals presenting this photo on Friday, November 13! If you haven't visited this local butcher shop, now's the time. Show this image when you are shopping on Friday, Nov 13! (image also on our facebook page @onoakhillselementarypto)
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Oak Hills Book Club

Would you like to join the Oak Hills Book Club? If you are in 3rd, 4th or 5th grade, complete this registration form by November 13th. Let’s have fun reading and talking about books!

Book Club Dates and Times:

3rd Grade Mondays, 11:00 - 11:30, Nov. 30th, Jan. 11th and March 1st

4th Grade Mondays, 11:30 - 12:00, Nov. 30th, Jan. 11th and March 1st

5th Grade Thursdays, 11:00 - 11:30, Dec. 3rd, Jan. 14th, and March 4th


(Nov. 30th & Dec. 3) El Deafo - Biographies

(Jan. 11 & Jan 14) The Changling - Fantasy

(Mar. 1st & Mar. 4) A Boy Called Bat - Realistic Fiction

Scholastic Online Book Fair: Nov. 28th - Dec. 11th (midnight)

Mark your calendars! Over 6000 items for sale. Books for your home library and gifts, learning items and more!

Orders over $25 will ship for free. All orders will be shipped directly to your home.

Look for more information next month!

New Books!

We have many new books! Each week, I will highlight a few. Look these up in your Destiny Library account and check them out!

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Tentative Calendar Dates for 2020-2021 School Year



11/18 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

11/18 PTO Move-A-Thon 1-1:30 Join us with Zumba dance

11/18 PTO Meeting (7pm)

11/25-27 Thanksgiving- School Closed

11/25-12/11 Scholastic On-line Book Fair

11/30 Oak Hills OBOB Book Clubs

  • 3rd Grade 11:00 - 11:30 El Deafo - Biographies

  • 4th Grade 11:30 - 12:00 El Deafo - Biographies


12/2 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

12/2 Oak Hills School Photos (9am-6pm; by appointment)

12/3 Oak Hills OBOB Book Club

  • 5th Grade 11:00 - 11:30 El Deafo - Biographies

12/4 Assembly Day

12/9 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

12/16 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

12/16 7:00 PTO Meeting (7pm)

12/21 - 1/1 Winter Break- No School


1/6 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

1/8 Assembly Day

1/11Oak Hills OBOB Book Clubs

  • 3rd Grade 11:00 - 11:30 The Changling - Fantasy

  • 4th Grade 11:30 - 12:00 The Changling - Fantasy

1/13 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

1/14 Oak Hills OBOB Book Club

  • 5th Grade 11:00 - 11:30 The Changling - Fantasy

1/18 No School: MLK Day

1/20 Student Contact Day

1/20 PTO Meeting (7pm)

1/27 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)


2/3 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

2/4 Assembly Day

2/5 Grading Day- No School

2/10 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

2/15 President's Day- No School

2/17 Student Contact Day

2/17 PTO Meeting (7pm)

2/24 No School: Staff Development Day


3/3 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

3/1 Oak Hills OBOB Book Clubs

  • 3rd Grade 11:00 - 11:30 A Boy Called Bat - Realistic Fiction

  • 4th Grade 11:30 - 12:00 A Boy Called Bat - Realistic Fiction

3/4 Oak Hills OBOB Book Club

  • 5th Grade 11:00 - 11:30 A Boy Called Bat - Realistic Fiction

3/5 Assembly Day

3/10 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

3/17 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

3/17 PTO Meeting (7pm)

3/22-26 Spring Break- No School

3/31 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)


4/2 Assembly Day

4/7 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

4/14 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

4/16 Grading Day- No School

4/21 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

4/21 PTO Meeting (7pm)

4/28 Staff Development Day- No School


5/5 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

5/7 Assembly Day

5/12 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

5/19 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

5/19 PTO Meeting (7pm)

5/26 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/2nd/4th (7:30am-1pm)

5/31 Memorial Day- No School


6/2 Student Contact Day

6/9 Item Pick Up Day K/1st/3rd/5th (7:30am-1pm)

6/9 PTO Mtg (7pm)

6/18 Last Day of School

6/18 Assembly Day

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