Senior Project by: Kaleb Pushard



My Idea behind this, is too create a (Operating System) desktop program that will be installed on the computers in the computer lab. The design will include that of, all of the links that the students will need to use in that class, incorporated into a hi-tech, sci-fi type background. Giving the student a feel that they are using the latest technology, while being as easy to use as a radio.

First Edition:

MaranaDash, is coming along very nicely. Incorporating the rotating bear paws along with the new start menu center hub.
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The Wing Expansions:

Containing the sub categories for the programs.
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Worked on some minor technical details involving the rotating sphere revolving around it's center point. Also was able to transfer program from one computer to another, with roaming links.

Journals (December)

I am pleased at how well the project is coming along. Incorporating the paws with the rotation feature was extremely challenging, but with a little help from my mentor, we were able to complete the task.

Having a few trial runs with transferring the skin from another machine was tricky. I still have to work out a few kinks in the system, but I am confident that I can finish them.

Skipping Ahead to April

Journal: We've recently changed the color schemes of the disk dock, to a more golden color. Also got rid of the circulation Bear Paw's due to lagging the system down. All hyperlinks are functional and working the way they should be. Project is coming along great, almost ready for deployment.
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