Learning Styles

What is your style?

You, yourself, and you

Everyone is different in their own unique way. We all think differently, act differently, and learn differently. But every possible way a person learns is categorized into a type of learning style.

Verbal/ Linguistic

If you are verbal/linguistic, you tend to work related to words and language. Meaning you like to communicate, read, present things, discussions, and debates.


If your learning style is logical/mathematical, you tend to like things that are reasoned, precise, and accurate. You usually like to conduct experiments, listen to work with numbers, like to explore patterns and relations, you're good at math, problem solving, and reasoning.


If you are bodily/kinesthetic you like to work your way out through physical activity and movement and awareness through sensory perception; hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling. People who are bodily/kinesthetic usually like to move around, touch, talk, use body, are good at sports, dancing, gymnastics, and crafts.


If you're visual/spatial then you like to learn by mental images, seeing, and sighting things. You tend to like to draw, build, design, create, you're a daydreamer and imaginative, watch movie, play computer games, you're good at sensing changes, good at puzzle and mazes and reading charts and graphs.


A musical/rhythmic learning style that has to be involved in music, sound in patterns, tones, etc. These type of people usually like to sing, they're good at picking sounds and they're good at keeping time.


Interpersonal is the type of learning style for the people out there that are always open, and gets along really well with other people. You learn by sharing with others, being in groups, teaching etc. And you usually would have a lot of friends, you're good at understanding people, good at communicating, and good at mediation.


Intrapersonal sounds very similar to interpersonal. But it is actually the complete opposite. People who tend to keep things to themselves. They like to work alone, reflect and are self-aware, they're instinctual, and original. If you learn best by working alone, then you are probably intrapersonal.


Naturalistic learners are always involved in things related to nature and the environment. They like to work outside, usually enjoy geography, learning about the environment, tend to be interested in preservation and conservation, and likes to work with animals. These people usually work best by studying nature patterns and learning how things work and cause and effect relationships.

Which Learning Style Are You?

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