Room 103 Newsletter


Hello Families,

We’ve started a new writing genre on “How to” stories. The students have started writing stories that tell the reader how to do something (i.e “How to make lasagna” or “How to play checkers”). The first few pieces we will create together as a class and in able teams. Once the kids are familiar with the process, I will be asking them to write independently about things they actually know how to do step by step. So if you’re doing something at home, feel free to turn what you’re doing into a “How to” story (cooking and games work great for this unit).

In reading, we are starting to move away from memorizing (which is still perfectly ok at this time) and toward actual reading. The first step in this process is to work on our “Sound Power”. All this means is that when your child gets to a word that he/she may not know, the first thing we say is “Get your mouth ready”. This simply means, get your mouth ready to say the 1st sound of the unknown word. For example: If the word is rabbit, your child will get his/her mouth ready to say the /r/ sound. Then, once their mouth is ready, a picture clue might help them figure out the rest of the word.

Tomorrow is Haru's (our Japanese exchange student) last day in our class. She did a fun activity with the kids on how to make rice balls. Check out the pictures below.

See you soon!

Miss Siobhan

PS We'll be performing a short song at the assembly next Tuesday morning.

Rice balls!

Things for your Calendar

Friday 1/15 - Return book bags and Communication folders

Monday 1/18 - No school

Tuesday 1/19 - The Kindergarteners will perform a short song at the assembly (8:30ish)

Monday 1/25 - No school for students