Exploring Biomes-Taiga

Marc Fox

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The taiga is located in portions of the northern hemisphere. It is in the continents of North America, Asia, and Europe


The temperature in the taiga ranges from as low as -65F in the winter to a warm 70F in the summer.


The taiga receives about 12-33 inches of precipitation each year, primaryly in the warm summers.

Great Facts About The Taiga

- The winter season in the taiga lasts up to 8 months of the year while the warm seasons are much shorter

- The worlds oldest trees can be found in the taiga biome

- Trees from the taiga biomes are the worlds leading supply of paper

- More than 32,000 species of insects are believed to live in the taiga.

-The taiga is the largest continuous biome on earth, as it stretches from north Eastern Europe all the way to west Russia