Very Long Gravity Wave

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"Tsunami: Very Long Gravity Wave." Tsunami: Very Long Gravity Wave. Rianovosti, 2010. Web. 14 Apr. 2015.

Descriptive Paragraph

the title of this infographic is called Tsunami: Very Long Gravity Wave. It shows how a lot of different info about tsunamis such as the number of victims, the height of the wave, the magnitude of the earthquake that causes tsunamis. it also explains what causes a tsunami.
This infographic is published by rianovosti. The target audience is students. i infer this because this would be good to use in geography.
The highest wave is 50.9 meters. The most victims are 277,898 from the 26.12.2004 in Indonesia. This is a lot more victims compared to the rest of the tsunamis. The average wave height is 17.42
I was expecting this to give the time it took for the wave to reach the land once is was spotted. i was also expecting this infographic to tell me additional facts about each tsunami. i was expecting to see future information about tsunamis. i was also expecting to see infomation about the after affects.
The infographic includes everybody that lives in places that are prone to tsunamis. it excludes everybody that dosnt live in tsunami prone places.

Write up

This info-graphic is titled tsunami "very long gravity wave" it was published in 2010 by Rianovosti as part of a set of natural disaster info-graphics. This info-graphic was made to teach people about the 10 most destructive tsunamis. This website targets anybody that wants to learn about tsunamis. It has information about the height of the waves and the number of victims each tsunami claimed. It also has information about where and when the tsunamis took place and the magnitude of earthquake he caused it. The magnitude of earthquake does not completely decide the severity of the tsunami.