The Purification Ceremony

Mark T. Sullivan

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Eight hunters gather on an isolated estate in northern British Colombia, their goal is to hunt record book whitetail deer. Diana Jackman is a Native American woman from Maine. She is a natural tracker from a long line of hunters. It doesn't take long for them to realize that they are the ones being hunted. One by one, the hunters are stalked and murdered. In order to survive, Diana is forced to face her past, resurrect her skills from her childhood and set out alone to hunt the hunter.


What did I enjoy about the book? I enjoyed the hunting and outdoors part of the book. Also the suspense made me want to keep reading.

Was the book well written, what made it that way? Yes it was well written. There was many flashbacks to illustrate the rough things Diana had to go through.

Was the ending satisfactory? Yes, I don't want to spoil the ending but it ends how most people would expect.

Would you recommend this book? Yes I would recommend this book. It brings suspense into hunting which is what I like.