September 8 Newsletter

We are into our second full week already and everyone is starting to settle into new classroom routines.

Homework books and spelling books will be going home on Monday again, Remember, students should be completing 3 activities in Spelling (and remember to sign it) as well as all assignments in their Homework Book.

Science - we are learning all about Creepy Crawlies. As part of our unit, please send an empty 2 liter water bottle or pop bottle to school, as we will be using these for our bug houses.

Also, your child will need headphones to use with ipads in the classroom. These can be inexpensive, and purchased from Daiso. They will be returned to your child to bring home at the end of the year

Curriculum Night - will be held on September 12. This is an opportunity for you to come and see what your child will be learning, and many of the programs that we are using will be explained. Curriculum Night starts in the MPR and will then move to the Grade 2 classroom. I look forward to seeing you there.

Accelerated Reader is starting today. Students were given a dot color (silver, red, yellow or blue) and last Friday, chose library books with these dots based on their reading level. Once students have read their library books, please record the name of the book and the author on calendar page 10 of their agendas. They will then complete an online quiz at school on these library books. This will be explained further on Curriculum Night.

RAZ Kids - students should also be reading 2 Raz Kids books each week. They should be listening, reading and then doing an online quiz that they can do at home on each book.

Math - we are working on Sorting and Patterning. For more information on what we are covering, please check the class website - Math - Patterns for 2 videos.

Have a great week!