Carolina BAEZ perod 4


What is Pre- sports? Pre- Sports it like athletics but it is really preparing you for it. You don't pick a sport yet. You can only pick one when you are in 7th grade. Also, the sport you want to do you will already be prepared for it. The sports you can play is volley ball, basketball and track.

Code Of Conduct

There are a lot of conduct. Here is some of them;

  • Never Bully Others
  • Always Have A Good Attitude
  • Always Bring Your Cloths
  • Follow Instructions
  • Never Play Around when you not sopose to

Dress Out

Every day you need to dress out. That means you need to bring gray shirt and a blue short. Also you need to put tennis shoes. You can't put saddles, boots or other shoe you can only ware tennis shoes when we are in playing.


At the beginning of the school year you need to bring a lock. If you don't bring a lock where you going to put all your Pre- sports cloths and your regular cloths. You need to bring a lock to to put all your stuff in it.

Health Day

Every week we do health day. Health day is you do not dress out and you go to your spot a wait for instructions. After the teacher tells you what to do you might some times go to the locker room you go to the bleachers.
Volleyball Skillastics (Directed by Lorre Fritchy -


The teacher always grade what you are grading. She grades your that you participate in the stretches you are doing what you suppose to do. Also if you are participate so if the teacher is no looking you still do what you suppose to do.