What I Learned This 6 Weeks

3rd Six Weeks Homework Assignment

Brain Storming Ideas (Graphic Organizer)

This is a series of visual charts and tools used to represent and organize a student's knowledge or ideas.

Revising and Editing Techniques

There are many different revising and editing techniques to use. A few may include: adding sentences words, capitalization, punctuation, etc.
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Influence of Setting and Plot

A way for the reader to see or connect with an image, action, description, or scene. It also connects to the five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch) to create an image or description.

Point of View

1st Person- The story is being narrated one character at a time. The character may be speaking about his/herself or sharing events or major points that he or she has experienced.

3rd Person- The narrator is not included in the story and knows the thoughts and feelings of the characters inside the story.

Types of Narratives

Science Fiction- Fiction based on imagined future scientific and/or technological advances and major social and environmental changes in the world.

Mystery- A type of fiction where a detective or other professional solves a crime or a series of crimes in the story.

Fantasy- A linear tale told which also contains historical and literary influences dating back to the classical time period.

Time Travel- A type of fiction where the characters travel through time into the past or future.

5 W's

The 5 W's in a story are:

Who- Who is in the story.

What- What is happening in the story.

When- When did the story take place.

Where- Where did the story take place.

Why- Why is the story happening.

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Plot Development

Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution.
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Character Development

A way that the reader learns more about the character as the (and the story) develop(s).
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When and where a story takes place.
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Hook Statement

The first one or two sentences of your essay which serves a purpose to grab the readers attention and allows them to decide from that point on if they would like to continue on with reading the story or stop there.
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