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Head Teacher Newsletter - Monday 7th November 2022

And when his time of service was ended, he went to his home - Luke 1:23

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It was the end of an era this week when we said goodbye and good luck to Reverend Brin for his well-earned retirement. Upon exploring the concept of retirement, one pupil said "It's when you get old!" Another said, "It's when you don't do anything anymore!" I think Rev. Brin took this in good jest as he expanded on his plans and ideals for the future. However, more importantly, it was a real opportunity, for us all, to reflect upon Brin's service to the school and community these past 5 years. I, personally, am ever grateful for his continued support as a governor (some of this as Chair of Governors), church minister and community stalwart! Brin's involvement has been pivotal in more ways than one but I must highlight the work he carried out with me on the formulation of the cogs and their biblical presence. We all wish you well Brin and try not to get too old.

I am delighted to confirm that we have appointed Miss Gina Byrne as our new office manager. Gina has a wealth of experience in education and she oozes passion and professionalism. Gina will start in December. Lisa Carter has also resumed her admin assistant role and she's really hit the ground running since her return. I would ask that you continue to be patient with us due to not currently being at full strength.

This week marks a very special event in Crawford's (and national) calendar, Remembrance. We will once again be congregating on Haughley Green, on Friday 11th (at 11 am), to pay our respects and remember. Each pupil will be placing a poppy on the soldiers on the green as a symbol of 'Lest We Forget.' We will also be taking part in the 2 minutes silence, alongside having some KS2 pupils read poems. The day will be dedicated to Remembrance as pupils will also learn about the significance of the white poppy amongst other key concepts. Year 6 pupils will also be serving a roast dinner to our Royal British Legion members. To find out more about what you're child will be learning, please click on the knowledge organiser below.

Have a great week everyone and thank you for supporting Remembrance by buying poppies and merchandise.

Mr Francksen

Diary Dates


  • Friday 11th - Remembrance Day
  • Monday 21st - St Edmunds Day Flag Raising
  • Friday 25th - NSPCC 'Speak Out' Event


  • Thursday 1st December - U11 Dodgeball Festival
  • Tuesday 6th - U9 Dodgeball
  • Thursday 8th - Christmas Jumper Day
  • Thursday 8th - Rock Steady Concert
  • Thursday 15th - Nativity
  • Friday 16th - Last Day of Term

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Cog of the Week

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Healthy Snacks

Please ensure your child has a healthy snack in school to have at break time - e.g., a piece of fruit, carrot sticks, muesli bar, yoghurt tube. No chocolate bars or crisps please, and nothing containing peanuts.

Younger children (YR to Y2) have fruit or vegetables provided by the School Fruit & Veg Scheme.

Please note, that any snacks brought in to school will be collected by the Class Teacher and handed out at break time. Therefore, please can you ensure that any tubs, bags, etc are named.

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Allergy Awareness - Nut Free School

We are an allergy-aware school and would like to remind all families that there may be pupils in school with a nut allergy. If a child with a nut allergy comes into contact with nuts, or with a pupil who has eaten nuts, then this could lead to an anaphylactic reaction. Anaphylaxis is a severe and potentially life-threatening reaction to a trigger such as an allergy.

Because of this, the school cannot accept products containing nuts to be provided in lunch boxes or for eating at other times.

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Safeguarding & Wellbeing

NSPCC Social Media advice

Children and young people use many different social media apps and sites. The most popular are Facebook and Instagram, with many others such as Snapchat, TikTok and Twitter.

There are lots of benefits to social networking. They can allow users to stay connected with friends and family. They can also learn many different things, from make-up or gaming tutorials to making slime, or how to create their own videos.

Like most things, there can be negatives too. For children and young people, there are risks that you should be aware of, to help keep your child safe on social media.

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Communications Flow chart

This is a gentle reminder that we have a flow chart, which will assist you in directing any queries, issues or concerns. Please utilise this so we can best support you and your child/ren.

Updated Policies


Remember...you can see the full termly calendar, here, or on the school website.