Samuel Harris

Teaching Internship

Teaching Degree

I am a 4th year student at the University of Notre Dame Fremantle completing a Bachelor of Primary Education. My specialization within my degree is in the area of Special Needs in Education and my minor is in Religious Education.

Schooling Background

I completed the majority of my school education and my tertiary studies at Trinity College East Perth. I attended the College from 2001 until 2009. Before attending Trinity College I completed year


My short term goal is to complete my final internship and complete my studies which will conclude in November of 2015. Then my aim is to gain employment for 2016 in a full time capacity.


I like to stay active and play cricket in the summer and rugby in the winter. I also have a passion for coaching which I do throughout different seasons at my former school Trinity College.

I enjoy travelling and would one day like to teach abroad at an international school.


I am a highly motivated individual who is always approachable. I am a good communicator and feel that I work well within a team. As well as these skills mentioned I always am looking to build on my own personal development and am welcome to any suggestions which others can give me.
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