By: Mary Weston Fordham

The night we never see..

Sleep is probably one of the best things ever, it can take us away from whatever we are going through. When we have problems we sleep to avoid it, what if you were in Mary's position where a Civil War was happening. At night was the only time it was peaceful, we all miss how the tree's get blown and how the sky looks... I present to you "Serenade" By Mary Weston Fordham. "I am low lying with lute deftly stung, To pour out my song, Sleep, love sleep"
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1)My poem is about sleep and how we love it so much and how the night shapes it. When lullaby's are sung and the moon is as bright as you can see. How the sky is a blue heaven that we sleep with comfort and not pain and things that are happening to us.

2)My poem isn't the typical love or dark feeling poem, it's a sleep poem! In my opinion I think it's the best one out there because, when you sleep there are a lot of elements that happen. Like how the wind blows and how low or high or bright the moon is.

When I read the poem I image my self in the bed and my spirit is out. I notice the things that I don't normally see. Haven't you ever wanted to see how things form and why?