Apple Products

Geneva Angus

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The invention of Apple technology changed our modern world. Originally founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976, Apple has become the world's second largest information company, and the world's third largest phone manufacturing company with a 2014 revenue of $182 billion. The main headquarters in in Cupertino, California, with 437 retail stores worldwide.

Political Impact

Apple has been called out for usually technicalities to pay little to none of their corporate taxes in the last four years.

Social Impact

So many people use Apple products in they're everyday life for work, education, and entertainment. Apple also works to use greener materials in their technology.

Economic Impact

Apple continues to be on of the biggest corporations in the world, and continues to attract people with their creative new ideas. Apple brings in a ton of money and is great for our economy. On the other hand, it does start to take over some businesses after time, being chosen over most, which is not good for our economy.
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