odyssey book 3-6

by Jake Nelson, Libby Nible, and Kassie Trimble

book 3

The people on the Pylos were sacrificing (black) bulls to the god Poseidon when Tele arrived. While they were feasting, Telemachus called for everyone’s attention. He was scared to talk to the people, but Athena told him not to be afraid, and that the gods would be with him and help him talk to Nestor. Nestor tells Telemachus about Agamemnon and they were sacrificing and waiting for Odysseus to get back. Tele cries because he misses his father

book 4

Nestor sends Telemachus to Sparta, in search for his father. When Telemachus gets there Menelaus speaks greatly of Odysseus. As he thought of him as a great warrior. Menelaus didn’t know he was talking to Odysseus’ son and Athena. He finds out that Ody is with Calypso. The suitors have planned an ambush for when Tele returns.

Quotes for 3 and 4

If Athena were to take as great a liking to you as she did to Odysseus when we were fighting before Troy (for I never saw the gods so openly fond of anyone as Athena then was of your father), if she would take as good care of you as she did of him, these wooers would soon some of them forget their wooing.

book 5

The characters are Odysseus, Calypso, Hermes, Poseidon. Hermes is sent to go get Odi from Calypso's island. Calypso doesn’t have a choice in letting Odi go because since she is a women she isn’t taken seriously. Calypso gives up Odi, and she even gives him a boat to help him set sail. Once on the water, Poseidon won’t give up Odi that easy. He creates a storm that destroys the raft. From the help of Athena and a sea nymph that he ends up on the shore of Scheria. He hides and sleeps.

Quotes for book 5

”Zeus, unable to resist the pleas from his favorite daughter, Athena, sends the messenger god Hermes to Calypso’s Island, to order Odysseus released.”

book 6

The princess Nausicaa meet Odysseus while the ladies were washing their clothes and playing olympic games. Odysseus woke and explained the situation. Odysseus was disguised so he wouldn’t be attacked by the Phaeacians when they went to see the king. Nausicaa then went into town first so Odysseus wouldn’t be seen with the princess. Odysseus went to town later to go see the king of the Phaeacians.